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iMC 7.3 - Escalate to alarm doesn't work

New Member

iMC 7.3 - Escalate to alarm doesn't work

Hi All,

I'm making an iMC 7.3 Standard Edition into a network, and want to make working "Escalate to alarm" working with syslog events.

My goal is :

make an alarm immediatly when a link is DOWN and show it in "real time alarms" in the dashboard. Nothing complicated but... it doesn't work.

My configuration :


Syslog event received : "

<187>Jul 31 15:42:30 2017 NET_COE_001 %%10IFNET/3/PHY_UPDOWN: -DevIP=; Physical state on the interface Bridge-Aggregation100 changed to down."


My "Syslog to alarm" event :

Status : enabled

Custom view : my network view (contains all switches)

Syslog type : any

Syslog level : all checked

Statistic : Single Device

Repeat interval : 1

Repeat times : 1

Alarm level  : Major

Alarm description : %Syslog%

Syslog template : *changed to down*

Param settings : NOTHING (because no variables for now)

Alarm recovery rule : unchecked (for now)



Name : lienDown

Template content : "use regular expression" unchecked

textbox contains *changed to down*

Description display template : Disabled

Description : line down


In System > System Settings I let "No Filter" in all "interface up/down alarm.


I have Syslog Management service deplayed and running.

Thx in advance all !




Esteemed Contributor

Re: iMC 7.3 - Escalate to alarm doesn't work

Hello Sylvain,

I remember to possible issues:

#1 since IMC 7.3 E0506 you have to enable several trap to alarm rulse. Go to Alarm -> Trap Management -> Trap to Alarm an verify if "iMC Syslog" rule is enabled. 

#2 Check if iMC Syslog traps a listed in the "unfiltered Duplicate Traps" list: go to Alarm -> Trap Management -> Filtering Trap -> Duplicate Trap Filter, click on "Select" and put the trap "Trap upgraded from syslog" in the unfiltered duplicate trap list.

Best Regards,

Ingentive Networks GmbH