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iMC destination port UDP 50266

Occasional Advisor

iMC destination port UDP 50266

Hi all,

Our iMC server is making a lot of connection to every device to UDP port 50266 - It looks like some kind of discovery?

I would like to limit this traffic, or just at least understand why it's doing it.

Thanks :D


Occasional Advisor

Re: iMC destination port UDP 50266

in the release notes which come with the software packed the used TCP ports are listed. Your port number isn't listed. The port 161 is normally used for communication imc - device per SNMP. If discovery is working in the first step imc send a ping to the IP address, after imc get a response it send a SNMP get request.

Did you checked it with wireshark who is the sender and who is the receiver of such packets?