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IMC tracking Cisco IP SLA

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IMC tracking Cisco IP SLA


Anyone know if there is a way to configure IMC to poll for IP SLA object (icmp echo)? I am looking to track that via IMC and have it trigger an alarm when it goes down on the device and have it be displayed on the network map as an event. I have sent a feature request through the reseller since I don't see a way of doing it.... I am wondering though if someone out there was able to make one via a custom method perhaps and would be willing to share the information.




Re: IMC tracking Cisco IP SLA


Are you trying to do this with a standard router or a PIX/ASA?  If the RttMon MIB is supported on your device, then you can just setup a trigger to have an SNMP trap sent.  If like our ASA's the RttMon MIB isn't there, then a syslog event will be written, which you can then turn into an SNMP trap..
FYI on the latter:


EDIT: Just another FYI, Cisco Traps are not set by default in iMC to escalte to alarms, so if you want to "see an alarm" you need to add that too.

Hope it helps.