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IMC V7.3 (703) Migration

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IMC V7.3 (703) Migration


We are trying to migrate the existing IMC on a Win 2008R2 to a new Win 2016 Server. Follwoing the migration instructions we are setting up a slave installation on the new server first. The installation can't finish though. After adding IP of the master server and adding all the relevent DB info it runs through all the checks ok. The installation starts with downloading files, which also works. Next step just breaks off after a third of the way and goes back to the start installation dialog.

The only logs i can find is under winodws\imc-reserved\log

[ERROR] [SwingWorker-pool-1-thread-10] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.CommonComponentInstaller$InstallCommonCompWorkingDialog::copyOtherFiles(635)] Copy newks failed

Can't find anything on this, or how to get it running.

If we try to install IMC V7.3 (705) we just get the error message after adding the master server ip:

"Connection to system service "Intelligent Management Server" failed. Please check if this service already started, if so, try to restart thsi service."

Service is not installed yet and therefore can't be restarted...

Appreciate any help!


Re: IMC V7.3 (703) Migration



The 'newks'  (key store) file is related to certificate. Are you using the default certificate or a different one.

You may collect the IMC logs by executing “<IMC>/deploy/logfiles.bat” to check furhter.

Thank You!
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