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Update IMC version 5 to version 7

Occasional Contributor

Update IMC version 5 to version 7

Hello everyone, I have some doubts when updating the IMC version 5 to version 7.


1- Can I upgrade my IMC licensed to version 7 using the same license version 5?

2- How do I find out which version I own IMC license (Basic, Standard or Enterprise)?

3- I want to install  IMC 7 in a new server, there is import and export licenses IMC?


Thanks _Brasil_

Honored Contributor

Re: Update IMC version 5 to version 7

1/ Yes - the existing license will still work.
2/ Click the "about" tab from any page within IMC (top right).
3/ Licenses are tied to your hardware. I don't think there's any way to export licenses. If you have support for IMC, I'm sure that you can log a case and get them to generate a license for the new system.