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Where to find consultancy for IMC?

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Where to find consultancy for IMC?

Hi everyone,

A bit of a different request for assistance....

My organization is using IMC to manage different things will our network.  However, I'm increasingly discovering that I need to create custom adapters and custom scripts to get everything I want out of IMC.  While I am enjoying the process of picking apart IMC and figuring out all the inner workings of the platform, I am using a LOT of time doing so and in the long run, this approach isn't a feasible one.

So, I am looking for a consultant to assist me.  After much searching on the internet, I am struggling to find consultancy.  Even HPE seems to only offer consultancy for initial setup and they very specifically state that they do not assist with custom adapters or custom scripting. 

Does anyone know of a resource where I can find a consultant to assist me with these tasks?  Thanks!


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Re: Where to find consultancy for IMC?

Have a look at
If you are not too far from Switzerland.