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Re: rx3600/rx6600 PC-4200 and PC2-5300 Memory Dimms

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rx3600/rx6600 PC-4200 and PC2-5300 Memory Dimms

HP initially marketed the memory for the rx3600/rx6600 as PC2-4200 dimms. Recent orders from HP of the same part numbers have been branded as PC2-5300 dimms. The only difference in the part numbers has been the ominous 'A' has changed to 'B', as in AB565A has become AB565B and so on.


Can anyone attest that these memory modules can be mixed in a system, and mixed in a quad as well? Are the newer PC2-5300 dimm kits compatible with the PC2-4200 dimm kits originally marketed and sold with these systems and upgrades? I currently have a quantity of HP branded and HP sourced memory that I cannot install until I have verification on this.


I have struck out on the ITRC, no info is there regarding this inquiry. Any answers or direction would be helpful.

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Re: rx3600/rx6600 PC-4200 and PC2-5300 Memory Dimms

AFAIR you can mix AB565A and AB565B, but not with AB565D.

This could apply (not sure):

Hope this helps!

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Re: rx3600/rx6600 PC-4200 and PC2-5300 Memory Dimms

Hi Andrew,


the AB565A, AB565B and AB565C memory DIMMs can be mixed in the same quad (set of four DIMMs) as long as you have SFW 3.01 or later.
However, as Torsten mentioned already, you cannot mix revision AB565D 2GB memory DIMMs with either A, B or C revisions.



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