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Bringing OT and IT together through HPE Partnerships


“Heavy” industries with a significant investment in operational technology (OT), such as manufacturing and oil & gas, have been among the earliest adopters of what we now call the Internet of Things (IoT). A March 2016 Gartner survey estimates that 56% of asset-intensive heavy industries will have implemented IoT by the end of 2016.

Why? For the first time, new devices and solutions are able to capture and analyze previously siloed OT data, making it possible to digitize operational processes and derive insights that were inaccessible before. These capabilities enable OT organizations to access new sources of information and gain visibility across their entire operations, creating opportunities for greater efficiency and savings as well as ways to offer innovative services, products and solutions and provide new value to customers.

However, actually implementing a workable IoT solution can be a struggle for many organizations. The good news is that partnering with companies that can provide complementary skills and resources can help fill in the blanks for adopting IoT initiatives. With partner resources, you can get started in IoT without having to acquire or develop each and every piece of the stack. Partnerships allow organizations to move faster individually by moving together collaboratively.


The benefits of partnership

Whether you’re an OEM, technology partner, service provider, or solution provider, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partner Ready IoT Ecosystem Initiative offers you a way to get started with IoT—and can also help you maximize the potential of IoT initiatives already active within your organization or with your customers.

Partner Ready’s holistic, end-to-end approach looks at both onboarding and enablement. Partners can streamline their IoT projects by accessing information, equipment, software development kits (SDKs) and training, as well as reference architectures and accelerated development and testing solutions so you can get to market faster and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Organizations can also benefit through collaboration, sharing with more than 100,000 partners in the ecosystem, which provides a pool of insights and allows for partners to share and co-create use cases, skill sets, and supporting technology to help maximize success in IoT projects.

3 ways to partner with HPE IoT.png

3 ways to partner with HPE on IoT

The HPE IoT Partner program can provide clear roadmaps, training, and PoCs for building out IoT capabilities at multiple levels of adoption. Most of them fall into three basic categories:


  1. Partners looking at implementing IoT projects internally, with the goal of developing and providing innovative solutions, products or services.
    IAV, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, is partnering with HPE to transition its operations from analog to digital. IAV is building smarter vehicles embedded with sensors that tie into the company’s backend, collecting data and insights that can help the company produce cars more efficiently and provide better driving experiences for customers.

  2. Partners who make products enabled with sensors that collect performance and usage data that is turned into insights.
    General Electric, a global digital industrial company, is extending the industrial revolution into the digital age by implementing IoT solutions not only to manufacturing processes, but also to end products that help its customers achieve better business outcomes.

  3. Partners who integrate and provide holistic IoT solutions to end customers.
    National Instruments, a leader in OT such as automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software, is working with HPE to bring OT and IT together at the IoT edge by pairing their measurement equipment with HPE’s data center-level compute power to devices out in the field, collecting information that can be turned into business, engineering, or scientific insights.

Members of HPE’s partner community not only benefit from each other’s insights and knowledge and the structure that the program provides, but they also have access to innovative HPE technology that enables IoT initiatives in the first place, including HPE Edgeline Converged IoT Systems, HPE Vertica analytics, Aruba security and connectivity solutions, and HPE Universal IoT platform. And now, with IoT Innovation Labs, partners can physically build and test-drive IoT applications and devices, as well as collaborate on solutions development, in a secure and confidential environment.

If you need insights or resources to launch IoT within your organization, you can find it within the IoT Partner community. Explore how HPE can help you digitize your OT and usher in the era of IoT with HPE partner programs.

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