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Taking the Internet of Things to a new level with 5 big advancements

onehp_am_oathout_7024.jpgBy Doug Oathout
Vice President, HPE SMB, Service Provider & Agile Marketing
HPE Software and Enterprise Group Marketing Hewlett-Packard Enterprise


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is taking the Internet of Things (IoT) to a new level of maturity. In an effort to make IoT more actionable, secure, and reliable, HPE is introducing the industry’s first converged system for IoT, robust analytics platform to deliver IoT insights and machine learning at the edge, enhanced IoT security, and new IoT services and ecosystem capabilities to help customers define their Internet of Things.

These advancements represent a major step forward in marketplace support for enterprise IoT technology. Regardless of industry-specific IoT challenges, organizations will be able to leverage support and solutions from HPE to quickly and securely collect and analyze data from their connected devices, machines, and sensors—wherever they exist.

HPE has long recognized the Internet of Things as a critical enabler of the idea economy and the data-driven enterprise. These five new innovations will advance the adoption and impact of IoT technology and help HPE customers get ahead of the curve in IoT business strategy.

IoT Announcement_snaps_Edgeline.png

HPE Edgeline IoT systems: Data center compute power at the edge

HPE just announced the industry’s first converged systems for IoT, bringing data center–like compute power into the world of IoT—all the way out to the edge. HPE Edgeline EL1000 and Edgeline EL4000 integrate compute, storage, enterprise-class systems and device management in one industrial-grade device.

Designed specifically for the rigors of industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and telecommunications, HPE Edgeline IoT Systems will help companies harness data in remote environments, delivering:

  • Heavy-duty data capture, management, and analysis at the edge, including graphically intense data visualization—no need to transmit data to the data center or cloud for analysis
  • Lower costs, faster decision making, and greater security due to minimal data transmissions
  • Industrial-grade design—able to withstand the higher temperatures often present in a heavy machinery environment, as well as shock and vibration

The EL1000 and EL4000 are optimized to process large data loads with real-time response. For example, a wind energy production facility might produce 500GB of data per day for each turbine blade. With 3 blades per turbine and 125 turbines in the facility, there is far too much data to transmit to a data center.  HPE Edgeline IoT Systems can help the company decide, on-site, what data to keep and act upon.

Real-time IoT data analytics at the edge

IoT Announcement_snaps_Vertica.png

As organizations deploy more connected devices, the volume of captured data they need to manage and analyze increases exponentially. This would not be a problem if data resided on the local network; however, IoT device data is commonly generated outside of the local IT infrastructure—at the edge of the network—in operational environments like a manufacturing floor or remote locations like an oil rig. As a result, organizations often struggle with IoT data growth at remote sites, since they are forced to transmit it to the data center for analysis. Companies need a practical, cost effective way to make data-driven decisions in real time at the edge. Fortunately, the solution is here: Big Data analytics at the edge with HPE Vertica and HPE Edgeline IoT Systems EL4000.

The HPE Vertica Analytics Platform now runs at the IoT edge on the Edgeline EL4000. This combination gives enterprises generating massive amounts of data at remote sites a practical solution for analyzing and generating insights—without the latency and heavy costs of moving data across networks into the data center. HPE Vertica running on Edgeline EL4000 delivers historical and predictive analytic insights from in-database machine learning algorithms across a broad range of IoT analytics use cases.

IoT Announcement_snaps_Aruba.png

Dynamic security to create trust in IoT devices

The Internet of Things requires trust. Organizations need to know that IoT data and devices that touch the network are of high integrity and come from trusted sources. But with so many new and unknown devices, manual security processes can’t keep up.

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, recently enhanced its ClearPass access management system so companies can add, detect, profile, and secure new and unknown IoT devices without manual intervention. ClearPass integrates with existing network infrastructures, automates IoT device onboarding, and dynamically manages connected IoT devices.

ClearPass can profile and authenticate new IoT devices, enforce security policies, and exchange policy status with other security systems including mobile device management systems. For example, a public stadium or campus may need to securely authenticate thousands of mobile devices in a short time. With this access management system, authentication is granted dynamically to consumer devices that meet security criteria. Once access is granted, ClearPass also monitors activity to make sure pre-set business and IT rules are enforced.

With this system, managing the dynamic and vast network of IoT connected devices becomes an easy task, not a daunting one. To learn more about Aruba ClearPass, read their blog post, "The Internet of Things— Game changer or security nightmare?".

Building expertise: A workshop to help transform, design, and run IoT

IoT Announcement_snaps_Services.png

The Internet of Things is transformational: The powerful data it extracts from enterprises, devices, machines, and infrastructure drives deep visibility into processes, helps secure businesses against attack, boosts the productivity of human and capital assets, and increases profitability by identifying new business opportunities. For all of these reasons, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is committed to helping customers transform, design, and run their IoT environments.

To further this goal of advancing enterprise IoT capabilities, HPE announced the IoT Transformation Workshop (TW), an interactive HPE-facilitated workshop that helps customers define their IoT vision and strategy and gain business technology alignment. This fact-based, analytical discussion helps CIOs and line-of-business owners achieve alignment on their vision, set goals and expectations, and develop a roadmap for their efforts, with a particular focus on:

  • Increasing efficiency and reducing cost
  • Improving existing revenue streams
  • Creating new customer experiences
  • Enabling innovative offerings and opening new market opportunities


Partnerships and Labs: Fostering IoT innovation

A successful IoT deployment requires many capabilities that can only be fulfilled by teaming with multiple partners. To help our customers build a complementary ecosystem, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is announcing four IoT Innovation Labs, leveraging IoT expertise from leading technology partners across industries.

At these labs, partners can envision how IoT can be applied in their industry, build and test IoT applications and devices in a secure and confidential environment, and collaborate on solutions development. The labs are now open and located in HPE facilities in Houston, Texas, Grenoble, France, Bangalore, India and Singapore.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Growing the IoT for business

HPE understands the tremendous importance of the Internet of Things to business efficiency and growth—today and in the future. By giving organizations critical tools to overcome today’s biggest IoT challenges, HPE is taking a huge step toward our goal of helping customers innovate and exploit new opportunities.

Read the full media release to learn more about how HPE is growing our IoT solution catalog and powering IoT transformations around the globe.

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