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The Rise of the Machines: Where IoT Stands Now

Given the incredible pace of change in the Internet of Things, it’s a good idea to take a step back now and then and consider the big picture of how far we’ve come and the current state of the art. I can’t think of a better way to do that than by talking with Dr. Tom Bradicich, HPE’s VP and GM for Servers and IoT Systems. Dr. Tom sat down with an industry influencer Paul Muller and Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner with Futurum Research, for a video interview at HPE Discover last month titled Rise of the Machines. The core topics: Now that we’ve progressed from test use cases to organizational rollouts, what have we learned? And what comes next?

Check out the video to learn:

  • How IoT is creating a state of constant connectivity, and generating value not only from new data sets, but also from older types of “pent-up” data from traditional sources. As Dr. Tom points out, “sometimes innovation is either something new – or something nobody remembers!”
  • Why the rise of the Internet of Things means rethinking the relationship between operational technology and IT. That dynamic can easily devolve into a “struggle for power,” Daniel notes. Unlocking the true “peanut-butter-and-jelly” complementarity of the two disciplines calls for careful change management. Learn about the three main types of IT/OT convergence, as conceptualized by Dr. Tom.
  • Where the Cloud fits in, and why – sometimes – it doesn’t. Learn how companies are weighing their choices between traditional on-prem infrastructure, cloud services, and what Dr. Tom calls “the other off-prem” – edge computing.

At HPE Discover in June, we announced new edge-to-cloud solutions, enabled by HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems, to enable customers to run unmodified enterprise-class application and management software at the edge. You can read all about it in Dr. Tom’s blog Unleash the power of the cloud, right at your edge. The latest HPE Edgeline Systems capabilities.

If you couldn’t make it to HPE Discover, you missed a great show, but keep an eye on this blog – we’ll be posting more videos, highlights and commentary on the event over the next few weeks.

Follow Dr. Tom on Twitter:  @TomBradicichPh

Paul Muller: @xthestreams

Daniel Newman: @danielnewmanUV

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