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3CR858-91 locks up during ftp or heavy p2p traffic

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3CR858-91 locks up during ftp or heavy p2p traffic

I have recently bought the 3CR858-91 router to be used in the Netherlands with a provider which uses a dynamic ip adres. The software is 1.15 (The latest).

The connection speed i have from my provider is around the 13 Mb download and about 1 Mb upload.

When i use an FTP server, active or passive, de router locks up and only a hard reset can make it work again.

Furthermore, when i have heavy p2p traffic above the 9 Mb the router locks up as well.

There is a solution and that is to turn the firewall off, not my idea of securing my internal network.

Is there a working good solution for this problem ?

kind regards




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Re: 3CR858-91 locks up during ftp or heavy p2p traffic

Have you opened all the correct Ports on the router for these services ?

P2P has always been and will always be heavy on Firewalls, reduce the amount of sharing and that may help you, make sure a Virtual Server ( port redirection) is set for the ports uses by your P2P app.

For the VPN, did you open both ports of  20 and 21 or just 21 ?

The router may be getting too many requets and it's buffers are flooding, how about the logs, do they show anything intersting ?

The Tech Man Has Spoken....
The Tech Man Has Spoken....