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3CR858-91 Schedule Rules Page incomplete ?

New Member

3CR858-91 Schedule Rules Page incomplete ?


I have just purchased the 3CR858-91 and successfully configured most of what I need.

I am, however, stuck at the "Schedule Rule" page (which I need). For some reason, the page does not display any input time slots (the fields below the "Start Time (hh:mm)" and "End Time (hh:mm)" headers.

Right below these column headers are the "help" "apply" and "cancel" buttons. In the manual, these fields (Every Day, Monday, Tuesday ..., Saturday) appears, but not when browsing the actual router pages.

Any idea ?


P.S. I am using the router OOTB (i.e. have not upgraded firmware yet.) F/W is currently at V1.08)

New Member

Re: 3CR858-91 Schedule Rules Page incomplete ?

Looks like flashing the router with the latest firmware (duh) did the trick. Went from 1.08 to 1.10 and problem solved .

I had also noticed lots of flakiness with the URL filter on V1.08 (could not enter more than 1 keyword, URL filter TAB would disappear when selecting other tabs, etc, ...). All solved with flashing to V1.10.

I can't believe that V1.08 was the culprit, however. Must've been a bad factory installation (I don't think such a buggy .bin would have been released).