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HP Small Business Switch 920S

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HP Small Business Switch 920S

Working with a flat network of 10.0.0./24.  I've assigned the switch a ip address of when ever i try to set the default global gateway of i get an error that the default gateway conflicts with a service port.  When i try to do a default route of i get an invalid subnet mask.  I'm looking for a way to send unknown traffic to the firewall so it can get out to the internet. When the firewall is plugged in i can ping the inside interface but not the outside. Note this  firewall is configured correctly and works with the old hp switch i am looking to replace. 

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Re: HP Small Business Switch 920S

@BSFulbrook wrote: I've assigned the switch a ip address of

On what VLAN id? We could presume you're working on default VLAN id 1...can you confirm or not?

If so (but it's also valid for any other VLAN id you have defined on your HPE OfficeConnect 1920S switch) then you have:

  1. A switch with VLAN 1 configured with IP address
  2. point 1 above enables automatically IP Routing (IIRC) then you need just to configure a Last Resort Route (a static route with destination ANY mask ANY via Next Hop Gateway IP address) pointing to your
  3. Since your router is directly connected on that VLAN id ( subnet) it already knows hosts residing on that VLAN id (no other static route is necessary on its side).
  4. Client's traffic for a Client residing on a VLAN 1 Access port once set with an IP address within and using as its default gateway should be redirected (forwarded) through to reach ANY other destination other than

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Re: HP Small Business Switch 920S

I am using Vlan1.. Even when i set the switch default gateway to the It can ping it but can't ping 

When i try the static route (The way i normally do it for cisco devices). I get the subnet mask is invalid. When i make the mask a /24 i get the same error.  I have a route back from the firewall for traffic destin for the /24 network to go back to (the ip of the switch). Not sure what i'm missing with this as it should be a pretty simple setup


Re: HP Small Business Switch 920S


I guess the switch model is 1920S.

There is an option to set the Global Default Gateway under 'Routing >>Configuration > Global' which you can try once.


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