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HPE 1920 (JG925A) inter vlan routing not working

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HPE 1920 (JG925A) inter vlan routing not working

Hi All,

I'm unable to establish inter vlan communication. Here is what I did:

1. Created 2 vlan: VLAN1 and VLAN2

2. Created interface for both VLAN:

  - VLAN 1:

  - VLAN 2:

3. Created access ports for VLAN 2

The problem is I can't even ping the interface from the other VLAN. For example, if im in VLAN 1, I'm unable to ping and vice versa.

Is there a special way to switch on layer 3 mode of this switch? I did make this configuration work using a cisco switch. Please assist.





Re: HPE 1920 (JG925A) inter vlan routing not working


The VLAN IP interfaces of the switch will transition to UP state only if they have physical member ports and at least one physical member port is UP. That means if you have a PC in VLAN 1 and you are trying to ping the switch IP of VLAN 2, you need to have an active port in VLAN 2. Otherwise VLAN 2 IP interface will be down and you cannot ping it.

A better test would be if you connect 2 end devices to both VLANs and test between them.  A host with IP in range connected to an access port in VLAN 1. Default gateway should be Another host connected to an access port in VLAN 2, with IP in range and default gateway This way both VLANs will be up and both hosts should be able to ping each other and ping the switch IP addresses.

I am an HPE employee

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