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LVM: /stand/rootconf is corrupted

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LVM: /stand/rootconf is corrupted

Hi all,


We have a server RP7420 with running application data protector 6.1. Hardware and software both are end of support issue. We have system down situation due OS crash and giving dump.


We observed LVM: /stand/rootconf is corrupted event appeared prior to start dump.


Please let us what is the best recovery procedure to restore  /stand/rootconf.


Best Regards,


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Re: LVM: /stand/rootconf is corrupted

See man lvlnboot or


for more information.

Hope this helps!

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Re: LVM: /stand/rootconf is corrupted

Man pages for lvlnboot shows the below, It is best idea to have a regular tape/net ignite backup of the systems so that these situations are avoided.

-c This command updates the /stand/rootconf file with the location of
the root volume in the currently booted volume group.
The /stand/rootconf file is used during maintenance-mode boots to
locate the root volume.
During normal boots (versus maintenance-mode boots, see hpux(1M) for
PA-RISC systems), this command is automatically executed by
/sbin/ioinitrc (see inittab (4)).
Since this command is performed during boot, it does not need to be performed
manually unless /stand/rootconf is missing (or alternatively,
performing a normal reboot will recreate this file).