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Re: E800 Motherboard in an E60

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E800 Motherboard in an E60

Thanks for the response, but perhaps I was somewhat unclear. I want to totally swap out the E60 motherboard and replace it with an E800 motherboard. For example, the LC II can be upgraded to an LCIII with the new motherboard and 64 Mb of RAM. Is it possible for the E60 into an E800?
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Re: E800 Motherboard in an E60


I thought that I had understood you in the last response. There were no upgrade or migration kits available to convert the E-60 to an E-800. They are entry level servers and it wouldn't really make sense. The E-800 motherboard should fit in the E-60 chassis.. Power supply should be compatable. If you were looking at only swapping System board but transferring over existing memory and CPU, that is what will be incompatible. The E-60 memory is running at 100Mhz and the E-800 is running at 133Mhz. With the CPU's you may or may not have video and probably would get missing microcode update messages due to incompatabilities.

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