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Re: NetServer LHII dual Pentium II 400MHz...

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NetServer LHII dual Pentium II 400MHz...


We have a NetServer LHII that has a processor board that has switch settings that will run dual processors from 233MHz to 400MHz. It was running dual Pentium 300MHz and we have recently discovered a matched pair of Pentium 400MHz that we have tried to upgrade to. But after installing the 400MHz processors the server is only seeing them as 266MHz! I believe we have the newest possible bios (4.05.20) and we have set the processor board to the 400MHz setting. Does anyone have any ideas how to get this server to see the new 400MHz processors correctly?

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Re: NetServer LHII dual Pentium II 400MHz...

For an E60 Server...
Set your switches to:
5 - OFF
6 - OFF
7 - ON
8 - OFF

If you have an E30 / 45 / 50 server, I do not think 400MHz processors are supported...

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