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FTAM Aborts

New Member

FTAM Aborts


Our customer has S12 switch to which our system connects , through ftam over x.25 for file transfer.  The ftam copy program works fine with all of the switch transaction processors (TP) but doesn't work with one. The file transfer goes on till 4 minutes after which it throws the below errors. and aborts.

Fri Jul 24 05:03 ERROR -  - FTAM failure ft_rdata: return code = (FTE003) Abort Indication received

Fri Jul 24 05:03 ERROR -  - FTAM failure: vendor code = (FTV000) No additional information available

Fri Jul 24 05:03  CRIT -  -    External FTAM error

We got the remote TP software restarted and customer too is diagnosing thier lnetwork, systems etc but no luck. Any tips /suggestions to debug the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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