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Ipv6: how to configure correctly?

Trusted Contributor

Ipv6: how to configure correctly?

My problem: i want to change from ipv4 to ipv6 on my home network.

On hpux i can assign only address non routable as fe80::1 fe80::3 etc to my lan0

Editing netconf-ipv6 i can assing a routable ipv6 address like "fd55:282f:3b98::/48" or

"2001:470:26:307:89a0:aba1:f98b:eb3e" but only to alias interface like lan0:1,lan0:2

If i try to ping from other node fed80::1 is pingable,but ssh cannot reach it as host(using

etc/hosts) and fd55:282f:3b98::/48 is not pingable at all.

How to assign a correct ipv6 address to lan0?