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Re: Issue with ssh-->Help

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Issue with ssh-->Help

I have tcp wrappers/tcpd.conf configured. My hosts.allow has IPs configured but now Im getting access denied messages.

Only a hostname is being presented and NOT the IP address as expected.


Here is an example of whats showing up in the syslog:

Mar 24 09:37:19 fgexsh42 sshd[4352]: refused connect from
Mar 24 09:50:20 fgexsh42 sshd[4904]: refused connect from



Here is what is expected and working on another system:

Accepted keyboard-interactive/pam for jogryme1 from


Im not sure what has changed but access was working last week.



Here is teh tcpd.conf file:

# Timeout value for client's user name lookup
#rfc931_timeout 5

# Action to be taken on reverse lookup failure
#on_reverselookup_fail deny

# Logging information level
log_level extended






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Re: Issue with ssh-->Help

   I know nothing, but ...

> [...] My hosts.allow has IPs configured [...]

   With my weak psychic powers, I'd need to trust your judgement.

> Only a hostname is being presented and NOT the IP address as expected.

> #on_reverselookup_fail deny

   I'll guess that these comments reflect the defaults.

   So, do DNS look-ups work from your system(s)?  Even a forward DNS
look-up fails from mine (but I'm outside your domain/subnet):

ALP $ nsl

*** can't find

 Non-existent host/domain

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Re: Issue with ssh-->Help

This issue has been resolved. There was a new subnet that needed to be added to the hosts.allow file. Also a tweak on the local firewall.