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Need to Open TCP 7394 port

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Need to Open TCP 7394 port

Hello !

Anyone knows how to open TCP Port 7394 in HP-UX 11.31.

This port is related to NFS services which require in Veritas Netbackup ISV.

I tried  "netstat -an | grep 7394" this command but there is no output displayed. 


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Re: Need to Open TCP 7394 port

NFS version 4 uses port 2049 only.

Older versions of NFS (NFSv2 and v3) have several components whose port numbers may vary each time the NFS daemons are restarted. In HP-UX 11.31, one of these, the NFS lock manager component, is now a kernel module and always uses port 4045. The remaining NFS service components (status and mountd) will get a random free port by default. The other endpoint of a NFS connection will locate these services using the rpcbind service (SunRPC portmapper) which is always located in port number 111 (both TCP and UDP).

You can use the "rpcinfo -p" command to query the local rpcbind service to see the current port assignments of all SunRPC services that are currently active on the system. You can also run "rpcinfo -p <hostname_or_IP>" to query another host's rpcinfo service for its port assignments.

You can also lock down the status and mountd services to particular port numbers by adding


to your /etc/rc.config.d/nfsconf file and then restarting the NFS services (or rebooting). The above addition would assign the status service to port 4046 and mountd to 4047, respectively.

In the context of Veritas NetBackup, port 7394 does not normally refer to NFS services at all. Instead, it refers to nbfsd service for Granular Restore Technology option of NetBackup, which should run on NetBackup Media Servers if that option is enabled.

The port should get opened automatically when the appropriate NetBackup service component (probably nbfsd in this case?) is started. It is impossible for a port to be "open" if there is neither a process nor a kernel-based service using it, so you can't open a port before starting a process that is supposed to listen on that port.

Usually, a request to "open a port" is actually a shorthand for "add an access permission for a port in a firewall", whether an external hardware firewall or a software firewall on the host system. On HP-UX, the default configuration has no software firewall at all: if you have one, you have probably selected a non-default "hardened" configuration, and the firewall settings are located in /etc/opt/ipf/ directory.

If a HP-UX has ipf firewall set up, it won't normally prevent a service from opening a port and beginning to listen on it... it just makes it so that the service cannot actually receive anything from the network through a firewalled network interface unless the firewall rules allow it. If you ran a "netstat -an | grep 7394" command on a NetBackup Media Server host, and saw the port in a listening state but still the NetBackup clients were unable to use the Granular Restore Technology feature and would show connection timeout errors, then it might be a firewall issue.