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Re: X25 connectivity help!!!!!

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X25 connectivity help!!!!!

Hello we have an X25 connection which users use to connect to switches. The x25 configuration has been in place for years and there is little documentation and to be honest we have never had to change anything.

One of our users has asked if thwy could use the connection to access a different set of switches however wants to know if they could also send an X25 TSAP identity as part of the connection to the switch.

Does anybody have any idea what this is and if it is possible from a HP server.

Sorry to be so vague but I am clueless when it comes to X25.
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Re: X25 connectivity help!!!!!

WOW! My first task here nine years ago was to kill an X25 project by pushing the use of the internet.

basically just go to and search on X25 +TSAP

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Re: X25 connectivity help!!!!!

ok best get reading
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Re: X25 connectivity help!!!!!

Harry's reference is quite right.

Note that if you do not currently have an OSI stack installed, you will probaly need one. HP's product is called OTS for OSI Transport Service.

As you know, the X.25 configuration can be quite complex, for a novice anyway. And running OTS over it adds another layer of complexity.

If the user also requires FTAM (File Transfer Access Method) for file transfers to/from these new switches, HP also has that product, but it adds yet another layer of complexity.

Unless you have a "canned" solution / configuratiion to put in place, I would recommend contracting with HP or another experienced source for the installation / configuration.

Re: X25 connectivity help!!!!!


Do you know when I could find those doc OTS/9000 doc?

Any tips will be great,

Best Regards,