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LayerX Adds Hybrid IT Solutions to its Offerings with HPE OEM

In the digital era, the ability to partner in a meaningful way helps vendors gain an advantage over their competitors. LayerX joins hands with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to further accelerate the performance of its home-grown cloud infrastructure and applications solution, vGRID. Developed by LayerX, vGRID provides locally developed and supported solutions tailored for the small to medium business market. The partnership between HPE and LayerX will indeed aid the processes of configuring backups, disaster recovery and active directories and makes onsite IT hardware a commodity – and an extension of the cloud. 

The HPE OEM and LayerX partnership kicked off a few months ago and centered on the pedigree of combining world-class hardware with smart software that LayerX has been developing to market in a new way. Taking that capability, combining it with the vGRID software smarts and marketing it in an incredibly powerful way, is a definite differentiator against other competitors.

vGRID has addressed the need for SMEs to have a mix of physical and cloud infrastructure by developing these hybrid products.  Most businesses use a mix of traditional IT and cloud services, combining elements from both ends of the spectrum to meet their business needs, often in an ad hoc fashion.  With the addition of these new offerings, vGRID has acknowledged that all workloads do not necessarily belong in the cloud.  Hybrid IT enables a unified infrastructure and further enhances the “cloud economics” where you have a mix of cloud, co-location, managed services and on-site resources.

LayerX leverages the benefits of HPE’s composable infrastructure and delivers new value and opportunities for their business through a hybrid infrastructure. HPE Synergy helps the vGRID platform deliver the highest levels of performance and reliability to local small and mid-size businesses looking to accelerate their business.

The HPE OEM program plays an important role in the Internet of Things (IOT), another area where LayerX is involved. LayerX has been developing a product called ModuSense, which is a modular sensor technology to monitor yield, health, and various other conditions in bee farming and horticulture space.  So with the data, they can make these industries more efficient and effective.

The vGRID software stack by LayerX group will be integrated into five physical products from HPE.  The products range from Edgeline series hardware, ProLiant MicroServer and ProLiant DL380’s in order to address the needs of various business sizes.  Each product comes bundled with vGRID cloud access, offsite backup and software licenses all at one monthly cost.

“The customer simply plugs it in and authenticates to their vGRID account which then forms part of their public/private cloud so they get the best of both worlds, out of the box, says, Bruce Trevarthen, CEO of the LayerX Group. When it comes to speed to market, the HPE OEM program gives an opportunity to engage with a global capability and also brings together the intellectual property of partners worldwide to see new solutions develop.

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