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Re: bare metal Restore on Proliant DL 380P Gen 8

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bare metal Restore on Proliant DL 380P Gen 8

Dear All

i have a server Proliant DL 380P Gen 8  and have server 2008 R2 running on it. As server 2008 support is ending in Jan 2014. So i want to replace it with server 2012. i doint want to purchase a new license so i want to perform bare metal recovery.  i have another system acting as server (Z220 Workstation) and has server 2012 on it. so what i want to achieve is perform a bare metal recovery and restore it on Proliant DL 380P Gen 8 which have server 2008 R2 running on it. is it a feasible thing. as raid is configure with Hp array config.. on Proliant DL 380P Gen 8. will pwerforming bare metal restore affect current Raid configuration ?


Re: bare metal Restore on Proliant DL 380P Gen 8


Ideally bare metal restore will carry your old configuratoin , However if the target configuration is hughly different from original you may encounter issues. 

Suggest you to validate if the source & destination RAID configuration before performing the restore. 


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Re: bare metal Restore on Proliant DL 380P Gen 8

apology for responding so late..the source has no Raid configuration and destination has Raid configuration with (smart array p420i in embedded slot). what i want to know is isn't Raid array preinstalled and is independent of OS. because even if OS is not availble i can access radi configuartions on startup. Also if i want to install a new os on same server the raid configuartions will be same ? Isn't it ?? i have data on raid drives even though i will have multiple backups..  

Smart Array P420i in Embedded Slot