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command for getting the hard disk details?

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command for getting the hard disk details?

is there any command available for getting the hard disk details?

OS: win 2003

Re: command for getting the hard disk details?

Would any of these help?



This tool shows you the accesses the user or group you specify has to files, Registry keys or Windows services.

â ¢ AccessEnum

This simple yet powerful security tool shows you who has what access to directories, files and Registry keys on your systems. Use it to find holes in your permissions.

â ¢ CacheSet

CacheSet is a program that allows you to control the Cache Manager's working set size using functions provided by NT. It's compatible with all versions of NT.

â ¢ Contig

Wish you could quickly defragment your frequently used files? Use Contig to optimize individual files, or to create new files that are contiguous.

â ¢ DiskExt

Display volume disk-mappings

â ¢ Diskmon

This utility captures all hard disk activity or acts like a software disk activity light in your system tray.

â ¢ DiskView

Graphical disk sector utility

â ¢ Du

View disk usage by directory

â ¢ EFSDump

View information for encrypted files

â ¢ Filemon

This monitoring tool lets you see all file system activity in real-time.

â ¢ Junction

Create Win2K NTFS symbolic links

â ¢ LDMDump

Dump the contents of the Logical Disk Manager's on-disk database, which describes the partitioning of Windows 2000 Dynamic disks.

â ¢ MoveFile

Schedule file rename and delete commands for the next reboot. This can be useful for cleaning stubborn or in-use malware files.

â ¢ NTFSInfo

Use NTFSInfo to see detailed information about NTFS volumes, including the size and location of the Master File Table (MFT) and MFT-zone, as well as the sizes of the NTFS meta-data files.

â ¢ PageDefrag

Defragment your paging files and Registry hives!

â ¢ PendMoves

See what files are scheduled for delete or rename the next time the system boots.

â ¢ Process Monitor

Monitor file system, Registry, process, thread and DLL activity in real-time.

â ¢ PsFile

See what files are opened remotely

â ¢ PsTools

The PsTools suite includes command-line utilities for listing the processes running on local or remote computers, running processes remotely, rebooting computers, dumping event logs, and more.

â ¢ SDelete

Securely overwrite your sensitive files and cleanse your free space of previously deleted files using this DoD-compliant secure delete program.

â ¢ ShareEnum

Scan file shares on your network and view their security settings to close security holes.

â ¢ Sigcheck

Dump file version information and verify that images on your system are digitally signed.

â ¢ Streams

Reveal NTFS alternate streams

â ¢ Sync

Flush cached data to disk

â ¢ VolumeId

Set Volume ID of FAT or NTFS drives

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Re: command for getting the hard disk details?

Try using the diskpart command.

Do the following:
- Create diskinfo.txt (in c:\temp)with the following commands within
select disk 0
display disk

Then run diskpart:
diskpart /s c:\temp\diskinfo.txt

There are other commands you can run within diskpart. Just run diskpart without parameters, then type 'help'. Type 'exit' when finished.

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Re: command for getting the hard disk details?

If you want the command to bring up the Disk Management GUI, it's Start - Run - diskmgmt.msc
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Re: command for getting the hard disk details?

wmic diskdrive

wimc partition