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Configuration Channel Busy

New Member

Configuration Channel Busy

I have JetAdmin 3.4 installed on NT 4.0 SP5. I added printers all day
yesterday without a problem. Today some of the printers stopped responding.
When I go into properties and configure port I get Configuration Channel Busy
error. Any ideas? The only way I can get these printers to work again is to
use HP TCP/IP printing instead of HP JetDirect Port. I am also occasionally
getting a Dr. Watson of Spoolss.exe which stops the print spooler. I've tried
reapplying SP5 to no avail.


Barry Kuske
New Member

Re: Configuration Channel Busy

Sorry Barry,
Just making sure I get a reply to your question if someone actually does repley with an answer.

I've got exactly the same problem...

Configuration Channel Busy
Cannot Communicate with printer.