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external hard drive

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Re: external hard drive

Norton ghost should have worked.
You can go to Norton ghost and download a trial copy good for thirty days. should be long enough to work out the bugs..I personally had a windows file missing and had to repair this. If you can open your backup and transfer to it this should not be your problem. I could not get my Maxtor backup to respond and had to use a third party software.

good luck, somtimes the effort is worth it.
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Re: external hard drive

hi again joe,

before you give up, just try the free software i recommended to you before.

It's really easy to work with, you will also find documentation for it, on their site. an the only thing you will need additionally is a boot disk or cd for when you want to restore the image.

You can find many of this boot cd's on the net.

if you have a hard-drive withought important information, you can use it to test this scenario.

backing up the c drive to an image doesn't do any harm to the drive or windows, and you can try and restore it to the external.

best of luck to you,
hugo tigre
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Re: external hard drive

Hi John,
I do have Norton Ghost 2003, but it too difficult for me to grasp the instructions.--- Hi Hugo, I did use the snapshot.exe, but how can I check what is on the ext.drive like if I want to view it from another pc. (See pic) or should I have used the setup.exe Sorry for asking these seeminly simple answerable questions
c'est la guerre
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Re: external hard drive

no problem joe,

check out this link:


hugo tigre