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Forums Error Message

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Forums Error Message

Hello Everyone,

I need your assistance in identifying a potential error message. A few users have reported receiving a general VGNCORE error message while trying to submit a new message or reply, or while assigning points. This has been a rather intermittent message.

We have placed some additional error handling information on the site. Instead of a general message, you will encounter a lot of detail on the screen. If you do get the detailed error information, please copy and paste it in an email to me, and detail what you were doing when this happened. Please send the information to ITRC_Forums@hp.com (or click the "contact hp" link in upper left sidebar).

I really appreciate your help. We are working to remove whatever issue is causing this intermittent occurrence. Thanks again for your patience and support as we all strive to make the ITRC Forums the premier gathering location for IT Professionals.

Best Regards,
Dan Gazzaniga
Forums Manager