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HP Surestore 4020

New Member

HP Surestore 4020

I know I should probably buy a new model, but it does work well and do the bits
I need.

But no driver for Windows 98?

Does any one out there have a suitable solution or agree with me that a driver
is required? Come on HP where is the necessary Windows 98 driver.


Regular Advisor

Re: HP Surestore 4020

I don't believe there is a special driver for the 4020 and w95/98 because it
should have recognized it. Try these steps to see if it's installed correctly:

General rules applying to all drives supported in Windows 95 or 98

1. Use the right-mouse button to click My Computer, then click Properties. This
will open the System Properties window.

2. Click the Device Manager tab and it will display a list of all devices and
connection ports on the system.

3. Click the CD-ROM icon and it will list the CD devices attached to the
system. The HP CD-Writer Plus should appear in this list if it is being
detected by Windows properly. This is usually the best place to determine what
model of HP CD-Writer is installed on the system.

4. Double-clicking the HP CD-Writer's listing, then clicking the Settings tab
will display, among other things, the firmware (the programming placed on a
chip inside the writer that gives the unit the ability to carry out its various
functions) version currently in use by the writer, the drive letter assignment,
and several options for performance settings