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Power Term Scripting using DDE

New Member

Power Term Scripting using DDE

Good evening,

I am fairly new to this programming part of Word and MS in general.
I was hoping that someone here would have some PowerTerm scripting
experience, using the DDE commands.

That being said this is what I am trying to do, I am using the host
Meryvon's Host, in PowerTerm Enterprise, to copy and paste three selected
lines via the dde commands custom in the PowerTerm Scripting Langauge that
PowerTerm has built in.
I am unfamaliar with how to do this, so I shall paste the code I am

line1 = [screen 5 11 5 36]
line2 = [screen 11 26 11 65]
line3 = [screen 13 26 13 59]
append line4 $line1 $line2 $line3
conv = [dde initiate WORD LABELS.DOC]
dde poke $conv P1 $line4

Does anyone have any idea what I need to put after the P1, or inplace
if it so it will send $line4 to that Word document named Labels.doc?