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How to Enable and Configure DECnet over IP on OpenVMS 8.4

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How to Enable and Configure DECnet over IP on OpenVMS 8.4

I have several OpenVMS 8.3 and 8.4 systems running on Integrity RX2620 systems.  I am running TCPIP  V5.7-13ECO3.

We only use a LOCAL namespace within DECnet currently and only ENDNODE routing types.


We are planning to seperate our network into VLANs.  By default the CISCO switches will not route the DECnet traffic between VLANs.  I would like to consider using DECnet over IP.  I have been reviewing DECnet-PLUS documentation, but the procedure for enabling this and using this is not clear to me.


What needs to be done to make this work?


Assuming that I can make this work on VMS 8.4, the next question would be:

Can I do this on AlphaVMS v7.1?  I am currently running Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V4.1 (UCX) and DECnet Phase IV.  I am pretty sure I would at least have to upgrade to DECnet-PLUS, but I don't know about TCPIP. 

David Williams
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Re: How to Enable and Configure DECnet over IP on OpenVMS 8.4



you need to first configure and start the TCPIP PWIP driver (using @TCPIP$CONFIG under Optional Components). Should also work with older versions of UCX (but requires DECnet-OSI/DECnetPlus/DECnet Phase V) according to the VMS FAQ:




Then use @NET$CONFIGURE to add DOMAIN as a local directory naming service.


The following page contains pointers to more documentation:







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Re: How to Enable and Configure DECnet over IP on OpenVMS 8.4

You might find some of the stuff at www.xdelta.co.uk/xdelta_seminars useful. There's a webinar and some slide sets from one of the bootcamps, plus a link to an article in one of the technical journals.


Some simple summary instructions:


Turn on PWIP driver in TCPIP.

Enable DECnet over IP in the OSI transport configuration part of NET$CONFIGURE in ADVANCED mode.

Make sure ports 102 and 399 are open in any intervening firewalls.

Add DOMAIN naming to the list of naming services (typically most people use LOCAL,DOMAIN as the answer).

Add the appropriate TCPIP FQDN or IP address of the local host (node you're on) as the DNS/BIND resolver in NET$CONFIGURE. LOCALHOST and used to work, but that very useful trick got broken in (I think) 5.7-ECO03.

Make sure the IP stack has DNS servers configured if you're going out to a DNS for name resolution.

Make sure you have consistent (definitely not conflicting) information in the local DECnet naming database (DECNET_REGISTER) and the TCPIP DNS and/or TCPIP local HOSTS file.

Test connectivity with SET HOST IP$<address>.

Most problems come from getting the name resolution setup wrong.

Multiple network interfaces gets interesting.

Don't forget that you can do tagged VLANs from VMS with VLdriver.

Don't forget that LAN failover exists in VMS with LLdriver.

Think about using VL devices over LL devices over the physical devices to give you an abstraction layer between the network config and the physical hardware, then you can direct traffic appropriately by simply making changes with LANCP.

Set up a lab environment and get some help and training if you need it.

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Re: How to Enable and Configure DECnet over IP on OpenVMS 8.4

As well as the tech,topolo,and info would like anyone's opinion or experience then/now how Dec/vax is performing/manageable in network circumstances . 

Current circ 7.3 vax use DECnet ,not setup yet, with 200/mc Serv,Ethernet thin wire/AUI ,both or one? Vax 3100 AUI. But, concidering SNA IBM token ring too large AS400 pair with other servers IBM,dell, and Snap,Quantumn overland NAS. 

Problem most servers in state of refurb , Mac OS X /Mac OS helping now as currently continuing wi fi connected use, Ethernet wired via gateway device too token ring watch gaurd firewall .

mac OS devices can 232 plug DEC 200/MC as can vax or dumb term for Sun & sun Ray devices too.

twinax in IBM working over Ethernet too Dec ,server or at OSI level ,any tips Sna - OSI LAN where Vlan or wan ? Concider IBM RAS or HMC? Sattilite router? 

Want to get the best from Dec for Mac varieties in Linux mixed Xeon / IBM Intel use while RISC at as400 and Sna type intranet working for Sun ZFS Solaris 10 for the Snap NAS relations bringing PowerPC app development with vax openVMS use in smtp than http TCP/IP ? Where data uses exist between ip6 and ip4 for example photographic bitmap/snapshot versiion/backup methods vaguely 'stream schemes'etc? 

If anyine has nice designs and current reports of behaviours across the board,thanks much,Steve.