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PHP upload script needed

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PHP upload script needed

I use CSWS V2.2 and PHP V2.20 and want to upload a file to the CSWS server.


The examples found on the internet I cannot get them to work.


Has anyone a working example.




Piet Timmers



Honored Contributor

Re: PHP upload script needed

What php script were you working and testing with?


What errors did the script output to the user and to the logs?


Consider running Mark Berryman's more secure and more current php port.


With that information, we can have a look at what went off the rails, or (with Mark's port) the upload might well work with the newer php bits.


And FWIW, if that box is Internet-facing, that version of Apache is vulnerable to the killapache script.  (There are work-arounds available.)

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Re: PHP upload script needed

As an actual pure PHP example  tested under both Linux and Windows and in production on a Windows server, refer to anhj article of mine at http://vouters.dyndns.org/tima/All-OS-Apache-PHP-Uploading_Excel_csv_formatted_file_and_updating_MySQL_tables.html Because this html filename contains All-OS and PHP this solution for the exact same need should also be applicable unchanged running OpenVMS/Apache/PHP..


In the hope this can help you.


In the future, I do suggest you to give more work to public Web search engines rather than you requesting someone's help without digging on Internet first.