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Telnet hangs some times without any response


Telnet hangs some times without any response

Dear All,

The problem that sometimes I cannot connect to the OpenVMS server (cluster server) by telnet and when check the system I didn't find any load at the server .

If anyone can help me please send me what need to do?

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Eng Amjad R. Barqawi
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Re: Telnet hangs some times without any response

> [...] the OpenVMS server [...]


   Not a very detailed description of anything.


      tcpip show version


> [...] I cannot connect [...]

   "I cannot" is not a useful problem description.  It does not say what
you did.  It does not say what happened when you did it.  As usual,
showing actual commands with their actual output can be more helpful
than vague descriptions or interpretations.

> [...] I didn't find [...]

   With my weak psychic powers, I don't know what you looked for, how,
or what you saw.

   Telnet from _what_ to the VMS system?  Is Telnet the only service
with a problem?  One user or any user?

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Re: Telnet hangs some times without any response

A while ago I recall I was experiencing TELNET connection delays (minutes) to some nodes.


Now I am not a network expert but I think it went something like this.


The delay seemed to be due to the target node doing a reverse DNS lookup.


The lookup was failing I think because of a catch-22 regarding the DNS servers on our network.


If the DNS server on the target was set to a proper DNS server it could resolve proper addresses but not LAN addresses, whereas if it was set to a LAN "DNS" server it didn't resolve proper addresses.


In the end I think that I just disabled BIND where it was causing a problem.


$ TCPIP show service