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centos 8, DL380 G5, P400

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centos 8, DL380 G5, P400

I have a couple of DL380, G5 machines with the P400 controller. One is running centos 7 with the hpsa.hpsa_allow_any=1. The other is running vmware. They both work fine. If I try to use centos 8 it doesn't see the P400 disk at all. If I grab a later version of Centos7 it doesn't see it. I have the latest kernel on the centos 7 machine and it boots up just fine even though I don't see the parm in the module library file. The P400 cards seem to be running version 7.22.

I found a .exe if I had windows 2002. Seems like there would be another way to update the card than to use windows. I found a stand alone image that seems to be a CD image. It won't boot.

I figure there has to be a better way to update this and the mother board's bios. I hope the update will help with Centos 8. I hate to replace the machines, they're plenty of power for what they're needed for.




Re: centos 8, DL380 G5, P400

Hello Rob,

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As per the HPE Smart Array P400 Controller - Overview we can see that said OS  is not listed in support OS so please run the suppported OS and observer the issue.



I am an HPE Engineer.

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