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Chassis number in SNMP Trap

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Chassis number in SNMP Trap



I need to understand how the chassis number will come in the SNMP traps generated. My configuration is: 

DL360p Gen8 Server 

iLo-4 configured correctly for Agentless SNMP management for Hardware Traps


The trap which in am generating is cpqHe4FltTolPowerSupplyACpowerloss using the MIB file cpqhlth.mib. 

All the Parameters are coming correctly except the chassis number, which is coming as O 

Even in other traps the chassis number is coming as 0 (zero)


Attach is a snapshot of trap's text.


Do I need to set the chassis number anywhere for my hardware to get that in my SNMP tarps?


Is 0 the default value?


Thanks in Advance.



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Re: Chassis number in SNMP Trap

As far as I understand, the chassis number will always be 0 on single-chassis servers like most Proliants, because there is just one server chassis.


The chassis number exists so that the MIB can support large multi-chassis servers, similar to HP Superdome (note that in each picture on the Wikipedia page, all the multiple racks/cabinets together form a single Superdome server).


I'm not sure if the current Proliant product line contains any multi-chassis servers at the moment. But if there was one, I would expect the chassis number 0 to typically refer to the "core chassis" of the server, and other numbers to various "expansion units"... although the exact numbering scheme would likely be specific to the server model.