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Re: Direct Install Win Server 2008 r2 on dl30 G9

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Direct Install Win Server 2008 r2 on dl30 G9

Is that possible to install windows sever 2008 r2 manual without use provision?

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Re: Direct Install Win Server 2008 r2 on dl30 G9

What model server are you working with?  DL380, DL360?

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Re: Direct Install Win Server 2008 r2 on dl30 G9

HI Friend its possible ! do you have the exaclty model of your server ? its a DL360 Gen9 or DL380 Gen9  ?


Following the Widnows Server Catalog you can installl only

Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64) is supported by HP an all HP ProLiant Servers when utilizing Service Pack 1 only.

you should point the Controller Driver manually to identy the storage volume so you must access the product webpage to got the correct controller driver
After install the OS you must update all drivers and agents manually download also from the product webpage

Here you got tyhe page from DL380 Gen9
DL360 Gen9


Remmebring the UEFI feature support that you must change inside the RBSU the UEFI boot mode .


UEFI Optimized Boot - If Enabled, the system BIOS boot using natice UEFI graphics drivers. If Disabled, the System BIOS boots using INT10 legacy video support. You connot disable this option id Secure Boot is enabled. You can only configure this option if Boot Mode is configured to UEFI.

Set this option to Disabled for compatibility eith Microsoft Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 operating systems for a system configured for UEFI Boot Mode. Set this option to Enabled for compatibility with VMWare ESXi operating systems for a system configured got UEFI Boot Mode.


Here you got some documents to follow correctly how to preprare your server to install the OS System 


Regards Reza1 


Flávio Moreira 

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I´m HPE Employee

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