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DL 180 Transfer Rate

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DL 180 Transfer Rate

I have a DL 180 G6 server with the P410 controller with 512 Cache.  I know the transfer rate is support to be 3 GBs with SATA drives.


I'm only getting Transfer rate of 20-30Mb


The drives I'm using are the 1 TB Sata Drive


Any ideas on why it's slow?

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Re: DL 180 Transfer Rate

3 GBs is the transfer rate of the SATA interface only. As far as I know, only SSD drives (and probably SSD/HDD hybrid drives) have a chance of consistently using the full capacity of a 3 GB SATA interface at the moment - and if new drives need more than that, the 6 GBs version of the SATA interface is ready for use.


For conventional HDD drives, the bottleneck is the drive mechanism itself.


You should check the performance specifications of the actual HDD model you're using. The marketing material often emphasizes the speed of the interface, but that's a red herring - find the actual performance numbers of the disk in the datasheets.


Also note that on spinning disks, there will be a marked difference between sequential access and random access.

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Re: DL 180 Transfer Rate



I assume that 20-30MB figure is for sequential I/O as a single mechanical drive cant manage that figure for random I/O.


Try checking these settings in the HP ACU.


A: Check that you have your array acclerator enabled (cache) normally it defaults to 0% write 100% read, try setting it to 50-50.


B: check that the physical drive write cache is enabled this will improve write performance greatly.


Be aware that both of these settings ideally should only be used if you have a bbwc module installed otherwise data loss could occur in the event of a power failure.


Hope this helps.