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DL320 G4 No Power Blinking Internal LED


DL320 G4 No Power Blinking Internal LED

I have a DL320 G4 it was running fine until power was lost one night. Ever since it will not boot up. Initially i thought PSU was bad and i ordered a new one and i still can not get it to boot or POST. When i plug in the power cord the PSU makes a steady clicking sound. When the main power connector is disconnected from the motherboard it stops. I jumped the green wire to a black wire in the harness and the PSU turns on just fine. When connected to the motherboard i get the clicking sound and some internal LED flashes. There is a row by the 2 Dip switch banks. From the Outside in there is:

LOW - CR2 - CR4 - CR7 - CR10 - CR11 - CR12 - CR13 - CR14

all these lights flash green in succession with the clicking noise.


Re: DL320 G4 No Power Blinking Internal LED

Any Ideas?