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Dl380 G3 Server, Fan Control ??

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Dl380 G3 Server, Fan Control ??



I have a dl380 g3 server.


Os: Win server 2003

Redundancy: full

All drivers installed, also psp installed, latest firmware for bios and ilo, all reseated:bios riser...

Snmp configured before psp instalation.

Health monitoring page fully working, with datas from snmp agents and from webm, colling ok, under temp thresholds(almost /2).Fan report status ok with fan spin normal, but they are in reality at 100%.


Software fan control does not work, fans are all time at 100% , i understand that is a g3 server, an old one, but HP provide this software solution by installing enhanced driver or healtdriver how is it called, that is installing by psp or manually(tried all variants) but fan speed is all time set to 100% . 


What is the real and working solution for fan control  under windows server 2003 with this server ?

I read on all forums that solution is to install that driver, but for nobody worked, only under linux with hp-health daemon i founded some reply about fan control working under linux.


Also tried this enhanced driver and same solutions under windows 2008 server, but problem persist.

What solution i have ? i don't think that solution with enhanced driver/health driver really works under windows




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Re: Dl380 G3 Server, Fan Control ??

Try checking in the BIOS settings.  It's been years since I've seen a G3 box so I don't remember all the options, but maybe there's one in there that tells the system to run at "increased cooling" or "max cooling" like the newer boxes can do.


There could also be some power management settings that are telling it to run at max performance which will generally run the fans faster.


If you don't see anything specifically, try resetting the BIOS to defaults and see if it helps.


One thing I kind of remember about the DL380 G3 was that the fans would run at full speed until the software drivers in Windows started up and managed the fan speed.  I think it was in the G4 models where the system itself was able to slow the fans down even if you didn't have the OS running yet.


If you've looked at all the BIOS settings and the fans are still running full blast, see if the remote insight is reporting any problems.  Under some conditions, the fans will run full blast no matter what (if one of the fans failed, the others will run at full speed, or if there's an overheating condition in some zone).  I also seem to recall that older Proliants didn't change each individual fan speed... there was one speed that all of them would run at.  So a thermal condition in some area would make all the fans run 100%.  The newer servers can run fans at different speeds if needed.


On such an old server, I'd probably be happy that the system ran at all.  Put it in a server room and shut the door. :)

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Re: Dl380 G3 Server, Fan Control ??

As already stated, the G3 fan speed is controlled by the health driver.   If you have everything up to date and all the required drivers loaded my only suggestion would be to reset the BIOS (switch 6)

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