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DL380 G5 logical drive extension, advice required.

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DL380 G5 logical drive extension, advice required.

I am looking for some advice on DL380 G5 logical drive extension. The current drive is 500GB. I am considering taking out the 8 existing disks one at a time, and then extending the logical drive to 2TB. It has a smart array P400 with 512MB cache.


I am not sure about the time taken to extend the logical drive. Some HP sources say 15 minutes per gigabyte, or 4GB per hour. This would suggest the extension would take 15.5 days.  


-Is this figure correct? . I am wondering if I would be better off rebuilding the array, and restoring the server from a backup.

-are there any options to speed up extension?

-would the extension cause any issues during server use e.g slow downs?


Re: DL380 G5 logical drive extension, advice required.



Taking out 8 drives one at a time and rebuilding/extending takes a very long time.

Yes it will take 15min/GB accodring to the documentation.

Your server will slow down during these activities.


My suggestion would be to take a backup and then replace all drives and recreate a new array.

This task can be done within a day.


Thank You!
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