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DL380 G6, System Board/Memory Issue

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DL380 G6, System Board/Memory Issue

I have a Dl380 G6 that has a possible system board or memory issue.


The error that we are getting is ALL memory DIMM are showing as failed, and obviously we are getting a critical error light.


I've already replaced the system board once, but I'll replace it again and check the firmware levels(again). I've replaced all the memory, taken it down to a minimum config, tried without the riser and taken all the cards out.


I've replaced both PSU's, so I'm running out of ideas what I can try next.


Any idea please.


A very confused


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Re: DL380 G6, System Board/Memory Issue

If you see all DIMM LEDs lid up, that almost means one or more memory in your server has failed and causing the issue. You will need to isolate them and test them throughly to find out which DIMM is causing the issue.


Also please make sure to have the same matching HP part # within the same memory channel.

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Re: DL380 G6, System Board/Memory Issue

Perhaps you could try to downgrade firmware and Clear NVRAM as well.

What kind of CPUs do you have?

As far as I could see in the quickspecs you gotta have a Nehalem CPU in the DL380 G6.

Wikipedia says there is a memory controller in the CPU.
Do I understand it correctly?

Also "confirms" that the CPU has a memory controller.

The CPU could cause memory errors too.