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DL380e G8 PXE setup

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DL380e G8 PXE setup


I have small problem i don't know how to set up DL380G8 

I need to boot up image from "non-alom" network card it is pasible ?


I was checking "ctrl + P" to get to pxe setup but if I enable my network card is still not booting.  

NIC in bios is enabled

card is enabled

IRQ is setup to 10 

Network card is working taken from another working unit.

cabel also is working 

Boot image is working on diferend units.


Just don't know what alse can be.



Please Advice 



Re: DL380e G8 PXE setup



Booting from PCI-NIC should be possible in new servers.

According to your post "Network card is working taken from another working unit." The question is here, did this NIC work as PXE boot in another server?

Is this PCI NIC a HP branded or third party, if HP what is the model number.


Also see this post.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

I work for HPE

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Re: DL380e G8 PXE setup

Hi Suman_AN,
Thanks for replay.
We was try to use:

Spares: 586444-001
NC550SFP Dual port

But we was don't have time to trying boot from that device and we decide to buy a normal RJ47 pca alom card. Probably that pci card is damaged or not compatible with server.

We was don't have any HP5900 for QSFP connection and is cheaper to buy alom card then 5900 :)