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DL585 G6 No HDD LEDs

New Member

DL585 G6 No HDD LEDs

Hi Guys,

Really hoping you can help me out here as I'm at my wits end with this. I've been in posession of a DL585 G6 since December 2014 and since I have had it the HDD LEDs have never worked, except on the initial boot when they go through the cycle of colours on power up. 

I've got a mix of SATA and SAS drives, Drives 1-4 are SAS and 5-8 are SATA. I've replaced the backplane and RAID card to no avail. I've gone through masses of documentation and found nothing on this.

I'm aware that some HP servers have cables specifically for the activity LEDs, but have not been able to find anything on this for the DL585.

Can someone help me out please? Server is running a large number of VMs and I'd like to have a visual representation of I/O though these LEDs so any help would be massively appreciated.