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Emulex Drivers won't update on G7 servers


Emulex Drivers won't update on G7 servers


I have 6 HP ProLiant DL 380 G7 servers that are running Windows 2008R2

They are all manage in HP SIM and they are compare against the latest SPP 2016.10

HP SIM is telling that this component is not up-to-date

HPE Storage Fibre Channel Adapter Kit for the x64 Emulex Storport Driver (version

It says it should be updated with this version

The problem is that if I try to update it with HP sim it will fail, if I try with the SPP in the OS, it will says that the server is already at this SPP level, and if I try to download this component off of the HP website when I try to install it, it gives me this error

The software is currently installed, but does not need to be installed on this system.
Current Version:
Press 'Close' to exit Setup.

So HP sim is telling me I should update but there is no way for me to update this component

Can anyone have any idea what I can do to solve this problem that is affectign many of our servers

The tech support of HP told be thay won't help me since these servers are no longer on waranty.

Thank you for your help



Re: Emulex Drivers won't update on G7 servers

Since this problem happen on all of our G7 serveurs I am pretty sure I am not the only one who have this problem when trying to update a G7 to the latest SPP updates


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Re: Emulex Drivers won't update on G7 servers


Same problem with Emulex network BL460c G7 + Windows 2008R2 + SPP 2016.10 => Obligated to return with old firmware and drivers Emulex (SPP 2016.04)

No problem with Emulex network with Windows 2012R2 + SPP 2016.10