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Failed Disk Replacement order ML350 G6 with Hot Spare (Active)

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Failed Disk Replacement order ML350 G6 with Hot Spare (Active)

Hello - I have an ML 350 G6 server with 4 disks in a RAID 5 setup. There is also a hot swap spare installed assigned to the Array.


1 of the disks in the Array has failed.


The Hot Swap is running as part of the Array.


I have a replacement drive for the failed one.


Normally I would just pop the failed drive out and replace with the new and check that the rebuild kicks in and rebuilds successfully.


I have never swapped a disk where the spare has kicked in before.


What is the best procedure to replace the failed disk?


Is it the same and the spare will just sort itself out or will the new disk become the spare?


Any info on this would be much appreciated as I am going to do this job tomorrow with a particularly difficult customer so would be nice to get it right :) I have looked for docs on the procedure but cannot find any with this actual scenario.




Re: Failed Disk Replacement order ML350 G6 with Hot Spare (Active)



Generally, the hot spare drive that has begun rebuilding will be part of the array till the rebuild is completed and the defective drive being replaced. Once replaced and the replaced drive completes rebuild, the original hot spare becomes hot spare again, as that bay has been configured as the hot spare.





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