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GL 360 Gen 9 with Red Hat 6 Screenlock fails

Occasional Collector

GL 360 Gen 9 with Red Hat 6 Screenlock fails

I am working with a group of DL360 Gen 9 Servers with Information Assurance configurations and SELinux.    I have a problem where the Desktop becomes unuseable  if the Screenlock is invoked.  The screen flashes background graphics  and  no login  creen becomes visible.   I see two errors that may be related


1.  Kernel: pci 0000:01:00.1 Invalid ROM Contents



2.  gnome-keyring-daemon [20927]   Couldn't unlock keyring with provided password.  Failed to unlock login on startup.



The system is a DL360 Gen 9 with the motherboard video,   Raid Controller and one four port PCI  Network card in addition to the four ports on the motherboard.  The PCI card  Ethernet is not being used.


There are other display related issues that crop up,  


Random  long delays in switching between window context 

Occasional pixel update failures  where the sceen becomes the wrong color around the mouse.



I tried to check for firmware updates but my access is blocked for the DL360 Gen 9 pages.



Occasional Collector

Re: GL 360 Gen 9 with Red Hat 6 Screenlock fails

This was a configuration problem with the permissions on the /etc/pam.d/system-auth-local  which is linked to system-auth.  Setting mode to 644 fixed the problem.