ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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How do you do it?

Occasional Contributor

How do you do it?

Dears, I would request your feedback on the following:

1. Do you use Intelligent Provisioning for Server Deployment? Do you recommend using it for servers deployed in sensitive environments? Do you suggest only using the boot time drivers and leave other drivers and applications?

2. After the deployment, do you fully install the Proliant Support Pack? Do you recommend them? I would like to monitor hardware using a third-party tool (SNMP). What's the minimum requirement for that?

3. How do you update the firmware, drivers and applications without using HP Paid Tools? I tested HP SUM and it seems to do the job. Is there anything that you want me to consider while using this tool in production?

4. What security controls would you reccommend in the BIOS Settings? Firmware level, and Drivers and Application (HP) level? Have anyone come across and HP document for securing servers?

5. Can I get iLO activities logged to Windows Event Logs? If not, how can I collect those logs centrally?

Note: We have all DL3x0 Gen9 servers.

Thank you

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Re: How do you do it?

Can someone with knowledge in this area help? Are there any HP engineers present in this forum? Please. Thank you.