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HP DL320 G5 onboard SATA Raid Controller

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Re: HP DL320 G5 onboard SATA Raid Controller

I downloaded SmartStart 7.8, but it still does not recognize the SATA RAID Controller.

As I stated before, my copy of Windows 2003 SP1 includes a driver for the SATA RAID Controller, so I guess I can just install the Support Pack files after the OS install.

I guess I am just really disappointed, I expected more from HP. I expected them to support the server packages they sold me. This was their default config, and all I wanted to do was mirror the hard drives. I have been doing this same type of config for 10+ years now.

I purchased the HP Server for the simple install and built-in manageability, none of which I will have now. It has been reported that the SATA Raid Controller will not report with Insight Manager, either. I think it was mis-information for HP to claim high manageability on the DL320 G5 Overview page. That is now just not true, if Insight Manager can not even report on the onboard RAID.

I wanted the management and SmartStart install, that is why I bought HP, without them, I could have just bought a DELL. I understand that maybe HP does not want to support SATA drives or SATA Raid Controllers, then they were obligated to make that clear during the purchase, or in the details of the configs. I would have purchased different drives (SAS), or even a different server (DL360) if I was informed. Instead, I was mislead.

I feel cheated and lied to. My budget is spent, the server is racked, and I have nothing more I can do.

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Re: HP DL320 G5 onboard SATA Raid Controller

It saddens me also that HP started selling this inexpensive RAID solution in other than a VERY basic server. This is such a low end RAID solution. SATA is not an Enterprise level Hard Disk subsystem and should not be part of a so called Server.
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Re: HP DL320 G5 onboard SATA Raid Controller

i also bought the same server and had problems with the Sata raid1. after i got it working the performance was so bad i had to go back to software raid. very disappointed in HP for this.