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HP ML 350 G5 server no POST - system board has red LED

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HP ML 350 G5 server no POST - system board has red LED

I have a HP ML 350 G5 server that shuts down on it's own daily. After restart, it doesn't POST - The External status lights are as follows:


Power  - Green

Internal health - RED

External health - Green


I opened up the case to check the system board and there is a red LED that resides between the Video header and the Serial header that is lit. I checked the HP manual online for this server and it doesn't show anything for there being an LED in this location. Anyone out there have an idea as to what may be the problem?


Attached are pics of the board, red LED is on left side of pic



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Re: HP ML 350 G5 server no POST - system board has red LED



IMO,you can try to unplug your power cord for some minutes,then plug in and power-on.


If it doesn't work you will follow HP Troubleshooting Guide:


1、Reduce the server to the minimum hardware configuration by removing all cards or devices that are not necessary to power on the server.


2、If the system fails in this minimum configuration, one of the primary components has failed.Then you can try to clear NVRAM.


3、If the system boots and video is working, add each component back to the server one at a time, 

restarting the server after each component is added to determine if that component is the cause of
the problem.


If it still doesn't work,try to contact your local HP ASC or HP Call Center.