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HP ML110 G9 (838503-001) Stopped Powering On 24 hours Out Of The Box

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Occasional Contributor

HP ML110 G9 (838503-001) Stopped Powering On 24 hours Out Of The Box

Had something frustrating happen to me today. I just purchased an HP ML110 G9. I was able to power it on out of the box. Got as far as installing ESXi 6.5 and booting from internal USB stick. Worked like a charm for hours as I configured ESXI. Shut the server back down and unplugged to install a second USB drive stick. Splugged server back up. Pushed the power button. Power button stays green for 3 seconds then goes back to standby mode. 

Not flashing amber or red lights. Not red lights flashing on the motherboard. Power supply light is green. There's a green light flashing on the motherboard by the CR8 indicator. But that's it. I have taken out both USB sticks and tried to power it up. Same thing. 

Any ideas? Thanks in advance. 

Occasional Contributor

Re: HP ML110 G9 (838503-001) Stopped Powering On 24 hours Out Of The Box

Never mind. Figured it out. THe APO was set to return to the last power state. I'm not sure how the last power state was standby. But it seems to get locked into a loop when you try to power it on. It goes right back to the last power state which was standby. Seems like there should be some logic built it to where if I physically push the power button while it is in standby, it should break out of that loop. Unless I'm missing some trick to it? 


Anyway, I changed the APO in the iLO to always return to a power on state. And the loop was broken! It powered up and everything is fine. Can't believe I spent all day on this.